Monday, October 25, 2010

Hermies and Widows!

Just a quick post, i just had to get rid of 5 plants because they developed male and female parts. This might sound exciting for humans but for plants not so much.

There are a few things that can cause this like being pollenated, going into shock or the seeds have come from a hermie plant. Im thinking that its the seeds because i got them from some weed i bought a long time ago, which from memory wasnt the dank.

To prevent this happening again ive gone ahead and ordered myself some white widow seeds which should be arriving in a few weeks. Unfortunatley the feminised seeds were sold out so i had to get regular, but they were alot cheaper also. I plan on isolating all of the strong seedlings, eventually taking cuttings from them and forcing them into flowering so that i can see what gender their parent was. Then from there i will isolate 1 or 2 of the strongest females and then take all of my clones / cuttings from them. This gaurentee's strong, lucious and most importantly female plants!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New piece of equipment in the lab

Keeping up with the health and safety regulations i have upgraded the lab's smoking equipment.

I picked this cock sucker up for 2 sticks from my local tobacco shop. They have this great new law where bongs are no longer allowed to be displayed on the shelves so you have to ask the shop keeper for a catalog, at least our government is nipping the problem in the bud. Hah.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My vegetative room

This was the first room that i made when i started growing weed, its just a small tent made out of panda film in my cupboard, when its shut it just looks alot more discreet than the photos below haha. I was on a tight budget when building this room, the whole thing wouldent of cost me more than 3 sticks.

I have these plants sitting under 2 x 20w Flourescent lights which you can see are emitting a blue shade of light, this blue spectrum is the most helpful to the plant when it is in the vegetative stage, during the flowering stage it is more of a reddish spectrum. Because flourescent lights dont generate much heat at all you can have your plants almost touching the tubes before they burn which allows for maximum use of the light output.

These ladies are about 2 months old.

The walls are also covered in reflective panda film or white plastic which improves the lights efficiency by about 10%. Try to use white plastic or white paint if you can, as foil and mirrors etc will create hot spots that will burn your plants. If your wanting to setup a grow in your cupboard stick to panda film as it is lightproof and black on the outside.

I am only running a single exhaust in this room at the moment, when setting up a grow for the first time fans can be overlooked quite easily but they are very important to your grows success. Plants require fresh carbon dioxide to be present in the room to grow, once they use it all up the air needs to be evacuated out of the room and fresh air drawn in.

All of my plants are started from bag seed, which unfortunatly means i have no idea what strain any of these plants are. But i can still work out whether the plants are a sativa (a soaring head high) or indica (body stoned, couch lock) strain by looking at the leaves, sativa have long thin leaves while indica leaves are short and fat. Hopefully for my next batch of seedlings i can purchase some higher potency seeds off the intertubes.

These plants have been in the vegetative room for about 2 months now and all of the indica plants are growing around twice as fast as the sativa. Im not really too sure what caused this but either way, my indica plants are hauling ass!

One of my lush indica's soaking up the lumens.